A Trail of Candy (so far)

Chapter 1 - Addiction
Chapter 2 - The Pledge
Chapter 3 - The Beast
Chapter 4 - Apprenticeship
Chapter 5 - Heather
Chapter 6 - The Ocean
Chapter 7 - Purgatory
Chapter 8 - Betrayal
Chapter 9 - ????

All chapters on this site are in unedited form.  The final edition of A Trail of Candy edit will be submitted to a publisher with a free copy going to my loyal and enthusiastic readers (should it be published).

Bonus Chapter!

Chapter 0 - The Lost Chapter

This bonus chapter was the inspiration for the book and may appear near the end... though it will likely be edited somewhat heavily,

Discarded or Rewritten Chapters

Old Chapter Ch. 7 - Purgatory

These old or rewritten chapters have been kept for posterity.